X1 Search

X1 Search 8.6

Browse, filter and search for desktop and online content
8.6.1 (See all)
X1 Discovery, Inc.
Perform thorough searches within the email client of your choice or a computer desktop. Initiate a search by keyword or file type, apply different filters such as date, size, address, etc. Check email messages, desktop files, remote shares, SharePoint data, etc. Preview the results before accessing them.

X1 Search is a desktop search client that provides fast access to your documents and emails. You can easily find emails, desktop files, remote file shares (e.g. Box), SharePoint data and more in a single interface with hit highlighting and full-fidelity preview of results. The program unifies search results across desktops, network file shares, email, cloud sources (e.g. Box, AWS), and more, enabling you to preview and act upon information no matter where it lives.

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